Envest Corp. is an independent power producer delivering private utility energy to industrial, commercial & government customers in North America. Our primary focus is to provide clean distributed energy systems using natural or renewable fuels.  We finance, build, own and operate turnkey energy systems tailored to meet customers’ specific objectives & power requirements in mission critical environments.


Independent Power

Envest Corp. is an independent power producer that finances, designs, builds, owns and operates clean energy systems for the mid-market infrastructure sector.

Finance | Build | Own | Operate | Transfer

Private Utility

Envest provides private utility, distributed energy to industrial, commercial and government customers.

Industrial | Commercial | Government

Turnkey Solutions

Envest delivers turnkey embedded generation systems and finance solutions tailored to meet customers’ specific objectives and power requirements. 

Onsite Generation| District Energy | Microgrids


Envest’s primary focus is the generation of combined heat and power (“CHP” or “cogeneration”) using natural and renewable fuels.

Renewable Fuels | Clean Energy

Onsite Facilities

Envest owns and operates a portfolio of onsite distributed energy facilities for industrial and government consumers.

Behind-the-Meter | Islanded Generation

Envest Corp. 

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