Envest Corp. is an independent energy producer delivering private utility and recycling solutions to industry and government. We finance, build, own and operate turnkey clean energy systems tailored to customers’ objectives in mission critical environments.


“Envest’s mission is to create safe, sustainable, reliable and cost-competitive infrastructure to produce clean forms of energy through recycling and other carbon emission reduction strategies.”

Jason Moretto

Envest Corp. CEO

Independent Energy

Envest is an independent energy producer that finances, designs, builds, owns and operates clean energy systems for the mid-market infrastructure sector.

Finance | Build | Own | Operate | Transfer

Clean Energy

Envest focuses on sustainable distributed energy and bioenergy projects using renewable or natural resources.

Sustainable| Renewable| Natural

Turnkey Solutions

Envest delivers turnkey embedded generation (behind-the-meter) systems and finance solutions tailored to meet customers’ unique energy objectives in mission-critical environments.

Onsite Generation| District Energy | Microgrids

Private Utility

Envest’s interests are aligned with the success of its industrial or government offtakers as it invests directly in their energy infrastructure.

Industry | Government

Onsite Facilities

Envest owns and operates a portfolio of onsite distributed energy and bioenergy facilities.

Behind-the-Meter | Islanded | Grid-Interconnected

Envest turnkey solutions are based on cradle-to-grave project lifecycle requirements from the initial concept feasibility and engineering design to commercial structuring and provision of financing during the development phase. Envest’s project execution discipline drives efficiencies to maintain a high standard quality of service, given our customer-first philosophy. Upon commissioning, Envest’s in-house operations and maintenance capabilities optimize processes and diligently manage costs during the operations term.

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