Envest uses renewable or natural resources to provide clean distributed energy and bioenergy solutions that are reliable, stable and independent of regulated, utility-owned infrastructure. Envest’s fully financed, onsite generation facilities ensure long-term sustainability, security, reliability and cost savings.


Distributed Energy

Distributed energy resources (“DER” or embedded generation) are onsite, decentralized systems that utilize modular generation to provide electricity and other by-products, such as heating and cooling, to large industrial and government consumers. Envest’s distributed energy projects include microgrids with renewable energy sources and cogeneration solutions.


Bioenergy is derived from technologies using organic or biofuel resources. Green sustainable energy is produced through the reuse of carbon from biomass and various waste streams into renewable power, bioproducts and reduced-emissions fuels. Envest has legacy expertise in developing, owning and operating bioenergy facilities.


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