Envest provides clean energy solutions through a private utility model. We finance, build, own and operate turnkey energy systems tailored to meet large consumers’ specific objectives and power requirements. Envest’s fully financed, onsite generation facilities ensure long-term energy security, operational reliability and cost savings. Envest focuses on providing distributed energy resources utilizing cogeneration in behind-the-meter or islanded configurations.


Distributed Energy Resources (“DER”)

Distributed energy resources (“DER” or embedded generation) are onsite, decentralized systems that utilize modular generation to provide electricity and other by-products, such as heating and cooling, to large industrial, commercial and government consumers.

Cogeneration (or combined heat and power – “CHP”)

Cogeneration (or combined heat and power – “CHP”) is the highly efficient and environmentally beneficial process of simultaneously generating electricity and utilizing the heat energy produced as a by-product.

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